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A common issue for black folks is finding a hairstylist/barber when their trusted location, stylists or barber is unavailable. Afroguide's main mission is to solve this issue. We are connecting stylists of different caliber (popular, new, established) to clients. Afroguide provide tools to reliably search, book and rate black haircare professionals.

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Our mission

To guide you toward skilled Black hairstylists and barbers in your community!

What can Afroguide do for you?

40+ Cities

Amazing list of stylists and barber in most cities in Canada and coming soon in the United States.

One of the best thing about Afroguide is its coverage across multiple cities. We cover more than 40 cities from the most popular cities to least popular ones.

200+ Styles

Stylists on Afroguide offer a wide range of services.

Not only do stylist on Afroguide cover most of the popular hairstyles, they also cover a lot of the scare ones. Thinking of how difficult it is to find a good silk-press stylist? Afroguide has it all.

150+ Stylist & Barbers

Afroguide has over 150 registered stylists and the list is growing every day

As a client you want to be able to make the choice yourself or at the very least, have a few options to choose from. Afroguide allows you to choose from a variety of stylist and does not limit your choices, you got all the power, You do YOU!

Features for all Stylists/Barbers


As a stylist/barber you want your customer base to know what type of services you provide so they know what to expect. Afroguide allows you to enter all the services you provide without restricting you to specific names/types.


This is an important part and an incentive for the client choosing to work with you. Afroguide gives you the ability to upload photos of your work for clients to see.


If you are particular about how you want your brand/yourself to presented as a stylist to the customer, the preview feature allows you to see what your customer sees when they look at your profile


This is important to you as a stylist and important to your clientele. Afroguide allows the stylist to set their availability which could lead to people contacting you more when both the client' schedule and your schedule match.